Work with Intention: Being Purposeful with Everything you do

(Session located in CTL)

Dr. Peter Abramo (Barnabus Endowed Lecturer in Entrepreneurship), Management Department

Perhaps one of the most critical aspects to being a successful professional is to work with intention.  Too often we go through our days and years responding and reacting rather than being purposeful about what we are trying to achieve as an employee and as a person.  The purpose of this dynamic session is to teach staff how to serve at UCO (and live their lives) with intention.  It will have three areas of emphasis:

Life Approach: Discussion of six ways that people commonly approach life that have a direct impact on their work performance and their ability to create the professional image they desire.

Your Attributes, Traits and Habits: People's traits and habits have a major impact on how they work.  Unfortunately, most people have few formal moments of self-appraisal.  We will use PATH (Personal Attributes, Traits, and Habits) to increase staff self-awareness.  Doing so allows individuals a chance to identify personal traits and habits they can either leverage or enhance in order to achieve a higher level of professional development.  (Note: this has a different intention and application than Myers-Brigg and is more focused at an individual person's development.)

Be an Effective Person: Series of mini exercises that address over 35 issues ranging from creating goals, staying focused, to workplace behavior and interpersonal skills.  The audience will do several of these exercises and learn where they can access more for free on the web so they can be engaged in continuous improvement. 

This session will increase staff effectiveness and enhance staff relations across the campus.

Outcomes:  Participants will-

  • Learn about common approaches to life and the impact those approaches have on your work
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Discover resources for self-evaluation for the purpose of continuous improvement
  • Increase staff effectiveness and enhance staff relations

*Only offered in sessions 2 and 3; if you choose to register for this breakout, you must register for the same one for both session 2 and session 3.